April 2012: Stoll Femtoline – now represented in the Council of the States of the Federal Parliament Building

We are on the left wing and on the right wing, too – 
with our new product, the Femtoline.
Now we are present in the National Council and the Council of States.

Fig. 1: Close-up view of the Femtoline

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December 2011: Stoll Picoline - When superior architecture meets with demanding acoustics


The new audio system of the Kulturcasino Bern was to satisfy even the highest acoustical requirements. However, due to monument protection imposts, the audio equipment also had to be integrated in the best possible way. That was the big moment for the Stoll Picoline, a tailor-made line array speaker from Stoll Audio.

Fig.: Kulturcasino Bern, outer view

Read more: December 2011: Stoll Picoline - When superior architecture meets with demanding acoustics

April 2011: The best possible sound quality - for you.

How much do you care for sound quality? If you have high ambitions and “good“ isn’t just enough for you, then Stoll Audio is the right partner for you. We can offer decades of experience in the development, production and application of loudspeakers. On the one hand we are always state-of-the-art in the science of acoustics. On the other hand we were able to support countless projects in the high-end sector. And each time our customers and partners got an individual and perfectly customised solution. Would you also like to get the most out of your next project? No matter if you wish to fill an event hall with sound, design an acoustically optimised conference room or make your discerning rental customers happy: Stoll Audio will lend you their assistance.

Contact us – we are looking forward to seeing you!

October 2011: Powerful and clear - rock power for five thousand open air visitors

At the weekend of September 9 and 10 a very special metal festival took place in Hüttikon (Zurich/Switzerland). On these two days 20 bands were pleasing the total number of five thousand visitors. The Meh Suff! society devolved the overall responsibility for the event technology to the Crazy Lights AG company. They have been in charge of the festival since 2006 and this time wanted a better sound quality than in the previous years. Therefore Crazy Lights AG opted for a sound reinforcement system from Stoll’s dry hire pool. Besides two line arrays each with six Stoll CFR 2610 Convertibles and two Stoll Convertibles as near and downfills, four Stoll IL 3500 Infralowswere also put into service. The FOH (Front of House: audience zone) loudspeaker systems were driven by Lab.Gruppen PLM power amplifiers with a total output power of 70 kilowatts.

Picture: The stage at the Meh Suff! metal festival with the Stoll FOH sound system

The FOH sound system totally impressed the visitors and organisers alike. “The Stoll PA system has convinced us and also made the external sound technicians rave“, says Tobias Kehrer, project designer of Crazy Lights. First the SPL requirements typically associated with metal were met hands down. The concerts were performed at the official volume level of 100 decibels Leq (long-term equivalent continuous sound level), with peak SPLs of max. 132 decibels (A-weighted) at the FOH mixing console in 30 metres distance.

But it’s not all about loudness, and so the system was able to score above all with its unique tonal quality. The punchy and yet clear sound image coming from the line arrays and fills and the ultra-deep and, owing to a minimal group delay, super precise low end were adding to a unique acoustic experience in the entire listening area. The raving reactions of the spectators proved that a focused loudspeaker know-how can create unparalleled sensual acoustical experiences.

Tobias Kehrer offered a positive summary: “The clarity and detailed reproduction of the Stoll system were still very good with the nine-piece pagan metal band Eluveitie. I was also very surprised at the plug n‘ play capability of the system. The very high sound quality and the ease of operation make a conclusive combination.“

December 2010: Merry Christmas - and a special offer from Stoll

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a better sound quality! With Stoll’s special year-end promotion you get an additional discount on the following products:

Stoll SL 3000 Sublows – Next year this high performance subwoofer will be deleted from the Stoll range. Our unique infralow technology, as already used in the Stoll IL 3500 Infralow, will become the new standard. But prior to this we will once again produce a series of this highly successful sub low loudspeaker and offer you a 15 percent extra discount on it.

Stoll FR 1810 Mini – Small and compact, powerful and well-balanced: this is how our customers describe the Mini. Check it out and benefit from a 15 percent extra discount here, too.

This offer is valid until January 11, 2011. Limited numbers available – first come, first served. Use the last days of this year for your order.

We sincerely wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. May the new year be an excellent one!



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