Our services include five main areas:

1. Loudspeaker design
2. Loudspeaker application
3. Stoll Custom Products 
4. Integration of loudspeaker and room 
5. Room and construction acoustics

Below we will explain those individual fields:

1. Loudspeaker design

* Think Tank
One of Stoll Audio’s strongest points is the permanent contact with all areas of loudspeaker technology. We make this know-how available to our customers.

*  Innovation
Stoll Audio is a leading developer of new and innovative ideas in the field of loudspeaker design and application.

Many of the unique solutions that we have been working out in the past give us an outlook into our future potential.

Our focus extends from loudspeakers to the associated methods and processes, which may be used in a broad range of related products.

* Research
Besides working on customer projects, Stoll Audio is also scouting the market trends and the technological progress in the field of electroacoustics.

We are state of the art in the most advanced product developments and also in the scientific findings in the field of electroacoustics.

* Product design 
Do you wish to realise your own loudspeaker idea?
Are you looking for an entire range of excellent sound and design?
Or do you want us to build your ultimate monitoring system for you?
We develop, design and build for you.

A feasibility study for a certain project?
A new and innovative absorber panel?
The complete product development for a loudspeaker system?
The manufacturing of prototypes or small quantities according to your specifications?
These are just a few examples of the services we can offer you.

* DSP and power amp specifications 
Driving loudspeakers correctly and shaping the signal before it is amplified are truly essential.

Most of today’s hightech designs resort to digital sound processing. The use of DSP (digital sound processing) technology paves the way for new construction types. Some transducer systems work only with specific DSP algorithms.

Stoll Audio places all the necessary information regarding the correct drive of your loudspeakers at your disposal.

Our experience of more than 20 years helps you make the right amplifier decision for the safe and dynamic operation of your system. For the development of electronic solutions we can draw on the co-operation with our specialised partners.

* Portfolio
The portfolio is Stoll Audio’s actual treasure chest. This collection of ideas, concepts, methods and designs is the result of our ongoing quest for a better sound. Many of these developments can be patented or used under license to make yours a better product.

2. Loudspeaker application
* Concept design
* Simulation
* Realisation
* Digital sound processing
* Amplification
* Measuring technology

3. Stoll Custom Products
* Production of custom-built models

4. Integration of loudspeaker and room 
* Simulations of the interaction between loudspeakers and room
* Measuring technology

5. Room and construction acoustics
* Design and optimisation
* Acoustics and architecture
* Measuring technology
* Use of special materials
* Absorbers and diffusors


Stoll Custom Architectural Loudspeaker Systems



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