Stoll replaced the previous brand Shiva by spring 2009.

Stoll offers a sophisticated range of sound systems for PA and stage applications as well as for studios. Our compact high-performance loudspeakers ensure professional users great audio quality and safety as well as a high degree of flexibilty.

The Stoll Convertible sets the benchmark in sound and flexibility with mobile applications, representing a new generation of PA loudspeaker systems.

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Please click here for information about the Stoll Picoline, our column speaker for top-quality speech transmission.

The current Stoll pricelist can be downloaded here.

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Stoll Audio distributes the high quality systems of Lab.Gruppen since 1989.

The current Lab.Gruppen pricelist can be downloaded here.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we also refer to the Lab.Gruppen Website for more information about the products and data sheets.




Stoll Custom Architectural Loudspeaker Systems



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