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Know-how and engineering are the centrepiece of Stoll Audio.

A vast knowledge and high creativity, combined with over 20 years of experience, allow Stoll Audio to find solutions to problems where standard or conventional technology just won’t do.

Custom-made electroacoustic transducer systems may become indispensable for acoustical as well as interior design needs and facts.

The efficient and field-tested product development by Stoll Audio enables individual solutions without overstraining your budget. Following multistage interactions with our customers, a tangible and optimally designed loudspeaker product comes into existence. Our flexible manufacturing will realise and build this product in due time for you. Thus we are able to answer wishes that could not, or only suboptimally, be realised with conventional methods.

Some examples shall illustrate Stoll Custom Products for you:

Indoor public address systems for smaller and larger audiences providing perfect audio quality and seamless integration into existing interior design.

An ultimate music reproduction is captivating in opera and concert halls as well as in the home area and is of fundamental importance in the mastering studio.

Sound absorbers, e.g. in chimneys, require highly specialised loudspeaker systems. The climatic conditions of hot gases are a great challenge to meet.

Acoustic test and simulation systems in industrial applications call for custom-made loudspeakers.

An intelligible voice transmission in acoustically problematic venues is one of the most demanding challenges. Churches, station halls or museum buildings are just a few examples. Often only special designs can do the trick here.

Fancy leisure zones in luxury restaurants or in the private spa can benefit from Stoll Custom Products. Clubs and dancefloors with dedicated sound areas and a noble ambience are filled with perfect sound using our loudspeakers.

Extraordinary demands on the architectural conditions, no matter if for purely aesthetic aspects or for reasons of monumental protection, are yet another application field for our custom-made products. We design and deliver the suitable premium-quality loudspeakers to you, even if they are supposed to be hardly visible.

The elaboration of the projects will take place in close co-operation with contractees, planners and architects. Stoll Audio is thereby in the position to provide precise cost information even during a dynamic development process, thus ensuring calculability and cost guarantee despite a simultaneous pursuance of several options.

Stoll Custom uses all known and reasonable technologies in loudspeaker design and thus demonstrates the latest state of the art in science and technology.

Digital signal processing makes a reality of what once existed only in the dreams of visionary engineers. This way, certain applications such as the waveform synthesis (WFS) can only be made audible. The WFS is about the total control of the soundfield in which the listeners are located, which allows a new kind of sound design.

Groups of radiators with a frequency-independent sound dispersion and adjustable directivity characteristic may also be realised.

Miniaturised systems such as large line radiators, point-source systems or loudspeakers with cardioid directivity pattern: technologies like these are applied in Stoll Custom products.

Stoll Audio has a portfolio of partly patent-worthy technical innovations which can be used for custom-made products.

The profound know-how and vast experience of a competently networked team is at your disposal for any issues. Get our professional consultation service.

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Information about the Stoll Master Grand, our new large studio monitor, can be downloaded here.



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