About us

Stoll Audio has been active in the field of electroacoustics for more than 20 years. We specialise in top quality products and services.

Our endeavour is a superb quality of reproduction under very diverse conditions and at very different volume levels. Our quality convinces sound engineers and architects, musicians and organisers alike. Even at home demanding listeners take advantage of our solutions.

In doing so, special emphasis is given to integrating the actual facts of room acoustical parameters and interior design.

Our strong points lie in a broad range of individual integrated concepts for an optimised audio reproduction and sound quality.

A continuous fundamental research and longterm practical experience ensure the content-related competence.

We take care of the entire chain, from the DSP and its algorithms to the amplification and loudspeakers to the roomacoustical conditions.

Our philosophy in this context is simple, yet ambitious: we would like to transform an electrical signal into sound as precisely as possible, and this also for hundreds or thousands of listeners.

With their brands Stoll and Shiva, Stoll Audio offers at the same time a balanced range of high-power systems and studio monitors.

Sound reinforcement technology
Stoll Audio designs and realises PA systems for all kinds of applications in music and voice transmission. Users like cultural institutions, discotheques, multi-purpose halls and chuches will find custom-tailored solutions at our place.

Custom-made products
Where high audio quality and outstanding speech intelligibility for all listeners are highly important or where particular infrastructural and architectural factors need to be considered, custom-designed loudspeaker systems made by Stoll come into question.

In addition we offer you a multitude of modern technologies which we have already applied in hundreds of varieties without ever losing track of cost efficiency.

PA and Stage Systems

Stoll replaces the previous brand Shiva by spring 2009.

Stoll offers a sophisticated range of sound systems for PA and stage applications. Our compact high-performance loudspeakers ensure professional users great audio quality and safety as well as a high degree of flexibilty.

The Stoll Convertible sets the benchmark in sound and flexibility with mobile applications, representing a new generation of PA loudspeaker systems.

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Studio Monitoring Technology
Stoll Audio develops advanced concepts and loudspeaker systems for studio monitoring.

Stoll and Shiva Q-Series monitoring systems demonstrate innovative state-of-the-art loudspeaker technology, giving evidence of our company’s competence through acoustic precision.

Engineering and Measuring Technology
Owing to our long-term research in the fields of audio technology, room acoustics, measuring technology and engineering, Stoll Audio has gathered a wealth of valuable experience.

As a service provider we offer this know-how to other manufacturers of products in the electroacoustic field, but also to users in the branches of production, sound reinforcement design, architecture or advanced training.

Stoll Audio takes on product developments and acoustical services on behalf of other companies.



Stoll Custom Architectural Loudspeaker Systems



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