December 2011: Stoll Picoline - When superior architecture meets with demanding acoustics


The new audio system of the Kulturcasino Bern was to satisfy even the highest acoustical requirements. However, due to monument protection imposts, the audio equipment also had to be integrated in the best possible way. That was the big moment for the Stoll Picoline, a tailor-made line array speaker from Stoll Audio.

Fig.: Kulturcasino Bern, outer view

At the Kulturcasino of the Burger community in Bern ( which was opened in 1909 as a concert and society hall, two events take place on an average day. On many of these occasions, especially with electronically reinforced concert and recitation performances, an audio system is used. After 16 years of operation, a replacement of this system under the aspect of maintaining the excellent acoustics in the Large Hall with its 1,300 seats, became necessary. The Virtually Audio company ( was commissioned with the planning, and the system was installed by the Kilchenmann company (

Being the customer, the Burger community insisted on a number of important points. They requested a modern, flexible and user-friendly solution. The new system was to meet the highest acoustical requirements. And since the more than 100 years old building has a landmark status, the audio system also had to integrate perfectly under architectural criteria. With two particularly critical applications the Stoll Picoline was given preference. This line array speaker of the ever growing “Architectural Acoustics“ product range by Stoll Audio is incredibly flexible.

Fig.: Staircase to the marble hall with Stoll Picoline

Concerns were raised as to the acoustic situation inside the Marble Hall of the Kulturcasino. Because a solution had to be found for this acoustically intricate room, which fulfils the aesthetic requirements and also integrates into the building substance. The Stoll Picoline could do it: “With the Stoll Picoline we were able to reach our goals in terms of a very good speech intelligibility, and background music can be clearly reproduced over the system, too“, says Stephan Horisberger, technical director at the Kulturcasino. Due to the controlled radiation at face value, a very constant sound dispersion could be achieved in the really boomy hall. And the three Stoll Picolines, each with a length of 2.10 metres (6.9 ft.), are now installed almost invisibly at those loations regulated by monument protection.

Fig.: Close-up view Stoll Picoline, mounted on window frame

For the main FOH system in the Large Hall a line array from a German manufacturer was chosen. But with configuration the sound on the rear podium was still dissatisfying. Looking for a solution Daniel Zurwerra from Virtually Audio also contacted Dominik Stoll.

Fig.: View from the podium seats behind the stage into the Large Hall

So we came up with the idea to install short Picolines on the back of the FOH speakers. „Supported in this way, the curved Picolines on the reverse of the line array almost behave like a point source“, states Daniel Zurwerra from Virtually Audio: “This solution for a homogeneous rear sound dispersion and enhanced intelligibilty works absolutely well“.

Fig.: Close-up view Stoll Picoline, mounted behind FOH sound system

The new system was put into service in summer 2011. It definitely meets the expectations of the customer: “The entire project has gone to plan perfectly“, says Stephan Horisberger: “The new audio system will certainly serve us well during the next 15 to 20 years“.

About the Stoll Picoline
The Stoll Picoline is an array loudspeaker with a very compact design. It provides an outstanding speech intelligibilty and is also suitable for music reproduction due to its high power reserves. Owing to the three different radiation patterns the Stoll Picoline is extremely flexible. In the low range it may be complemented by Stoll Line subwoofers. It is only 40 mm wide. Depth and height as well as the finish can be modified to the customer’s wishes.
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