April 2012: Stoll Femtoline – now represented in the Council of the States of the Federal Parliament Building

We are on the left wing and on the right wing, too – 
with our new product, the Femtoline.
Now we are present in the National Council and the Council of States.

Fig. 1: Close-up view of the Femtoline

Femtoline is the down-sized Picoline – a loudspeaker of the Stoll Custom Line
After the widespread and successful use of the Picoline, the Femtoline is our solution to even more challenging client demands.
Femtoline is the latest installation product in the Stoll Custom Line, which is no staple article, but can be fine-tuned to customer-specific requirements. 
Femtoline is suitable for all places where a highly intelligible speech reproduction is required, even in an acoustically difficult environment.
Femtoline has been in use and proven reliable since 2011 in the Small Chamber of the Federal Parliament, where the loudspeakers can be mounted and removed fast and easily by means of plug-in connections. 

Product description: 
[PDF] Femtoline data sheet English

Fig. 2: The Stoll Custom Femtoline loudspeakers blend in perfectly with the heritage-protected desks in 
the Council of the States of t
he Federal Parliament



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