November 2010: Audio quality = material + competence

To realise a good sound at a given venue, you need to have high-quality equipment. But this alone won’t do, because you also need to know how to use it. Training and experience, yet also open-mindedness to new solutions and external consulting will bring forth unusually good results.

Demanding event managers want a good sound. As an installer or renter, you therefore need high-quality products. The Stoll loudspeakers deliver a superb acoustic performance. However, the material is only part of the result:  the user competence is at least as important. When incorrectly placed or driven, even a top-class system can only yield mediocre results. Hence well-skilled staff is of great significance. As a lecturer for audio systems at the ffton (Fachschule für Tontechnik in Zürich ≈ Technical College for Sound Engineering in Zurich), Dominik Stoll contributes his share to the professionalisation of the audio branch. The ffton offers an extra occupational training course for male and female sound engineers with a Swiss qualification diploma.

Competence in sound reinforcement technology: A presentation by Dominik Stoll (light & sound Luzern, October 2010)

At the light & sound, the Swiss trade show for event technology, Stoll Audio was present as an exhibitor. In addition Dominik Stoll was giving lectures on PA technology on the ffton stage, demonstrating the Stoll Convertible Stack (three Stoll CFR 2610 Convertibles and one Stoll IL 3500 Infralow per side). Apart from technical information Dominik Stoll put special emphasis on the user know-how, underscoring the importance of training, but also of experience which in turn requires open-mindedness; people who are not open to new things, can’t broaden their horizon. The communication with others and a network of competent partners will also help achieve prime results. Audio companies should focus on their strong points and call in external advisors when faced with difficult situations. Because a good audio quality makes the customers happy. And happy customers will become returning customers.


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