September 2010: Harvest rush at Stoll

The production of Stoll Audio is running at full blast. Currently we are making 24 off Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible and 30 off Stoll FR 2510 Compact. At the same time, our multi-level quality control ensures the best possible quality.

There is intense activity going on at Stoll Audio’s workshop. Beat Weber and his team are building one loudspeaker after the other. At present there are 24 off Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible on our production line. These systems deliver a unique sound quality and flexibility. At the same time we are making 30 off Stoll FR 2510 Compact which, owing to their versatility and cost effectiveness, attract wide interest.

Production preparation for Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible

Stoll Audio produces on a just-in-time basis. With our optimised warehousing we can make our sound reinforcement systems available to the customers at the desired time. A special production feature is the quality control for which we use standardised procedures. During its manufacture each Stoll loudspeaker runs through at least six control processes, ranging from the components to our comprehensive final check. Thus we can guarantee the best possible quality. Our six-year warranty period underlines the intrinsic value of our products. For a test we would gladly place our systems to your disposal.


Stoll Custom Architectural Loudspeaker Systems



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