February 2010: Widmer Sound with Stoll “Convi” (Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible)

February 2010 – Widmer Sound is a company from Uster which has specialised on live sound. While striving for better sound, the owner - who works as a FOH and monitor technician and also as system engineer - came into contact with the products and services from Stoll Audio. In 2008, after a thorough evaluation, Widmer Sound bought six “Convis“ (Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible). In addition to the unique sound quality, their multifunctionality is another outstanding benefit for the renter who takes care of the sound with his Stoll CFR 2610 Convertibles at over 40 events each year.

Widmer Sound wit Stoll Line Array Loudspeaker

Andy Widmer and Alex Bolis (Widmer Sound) setting up the Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible in the Stadthofsaal Uster

The Widmer Sound GmbH (Uster/ZH) was founded in early 2008 and has specialised on live sound. Apart from owner Andy Widmer, who works as a FOH and monitor technician and also as a system engineer, the company employs three freelancers. Andy Widmer became active in the audio sector in the year 2000. Whereas in the beginning he was mixing only punk concerts, he soon felt like having a PA system of his own. Until 2005 he was using the products from a German manufacturer, but then switched to the loudspeakers of a friend in the rental business. On his search for better sound he came into contact with the products and services from Stoll Audio. Following a thorough evaluation in 2008, he decided on buying six “Convis“ (Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible).

Widmer Sound is in charge of about 80 events each year, in more than 50 per cent with the Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible. “I use the Convi preferably at such events where the audience is listening closely. For one thing, these are contests, CD release parties and dialect stage acts“, says Widmer. “On the other hand we use it for performances where precision and intelligibility are of paramount importance, like e.g. choir concerts. Especially for acoustic programme material the Convi is nothing short of spectacular!“

Andy Widmer also greatly appreciates the multifunctional qualities of the CFR 2610 Convertible which may be used both as a line or point source. „Besides the use as line array with at least three Convis stacked vertically, I sometimes combine one Convi as point source radiator with two 18“ subs and get very good results, which is another strong point of the system“.

The system is used at events with up to 1000 visitors. Even on such large-scale occasions Andy Widmer did not yet push the system to the limit and he is very pleased that the acoustic reproduction retains its neutral character even at higher sound pressure levels. On balance he is highly satisfied with the Convi: “I had realised right from the start that this is a superb high-quality system. But also the feedback from the audience, organisers and musicians – good, precise rendition; clean and clear sound – keeps proving me that you can get unique results out of this system“. However, this is not a loudspeaker for everyone: “To bring out the best in the Convi, the whole signal chain should include only high-grade components and the system be operated by discerning and competent users. Only that way one can truly exploit the potential of this loudspeaker.“

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