November 2009: News: Stoll Infralow, Infra sub for artistical necromancy

Stoll Audio was able to use the Stoll IL 3500 Infralow in an arts project. The installation “The Spectrascope“ by Susan Collins includes a projection of the video recordings from a haunted house in England. This projection is accompanied by the so-called anxiety sequence, a 19 Hertz signal, barely below the hearing threshold. This frequency is commonly assoviated with visual disturbances, unease and irrational fear and is said to occur in haunted houses.

The Spectrascope

Since conventional systems are unable to reproduce this frequency, the Stoll IL 3500 was put into service. This system is equipped with four 18“ drivers and may be driven with a lower cutoff frequency of down to 8 Hertz. Only with the Stoll IL 3500 Infralow a reproduction in the desired frequency range became possible.


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